Best Foosball Table Covers – A Buying Guide

Foosball table covers aren’t included in the package when you are buying foosball table so people assume they are not important. They are more like special additions to your foosball table which will make it last much longer, especially if you have an outdoor foosball table.

The main purpose of a foosball table cover is to protect the table when you aren’t using it. You can protect it from the dust, rain, debris, sun and more.

How to Choose the Foosball Table Cover ?

Foosball Table Cover Classic Black BaseFirst, you have to know what kind of foosball table you have. Is it an outdoor foosball table or indoor? The outdoor foosball tables require more durable cover which is usually waterproof as well.

Most foosball table manufacturers don’t produce covers for every model so it is important to know which cover fits to which foosball table. To choose the right cover, first, you have to know the models of the foosball table covers on the market. Always buy a slightly bigger cover for your foosball table so you can fit it easily on the table.

Foosball Table Covers Design

The first model is the model that looks like a tablecloth, which means it covers the entire table. This cover is better for the outside foosball tables because it offers better protection from the rain and other debris.

Foosball Table CoverThe second cover is smaller and it covers only the frame of the table. This kid of foosball table cover has cutouts for the player’s rods. With this cover, you have to be sure that the space between the rods is the same as the cutouts on the cover. This cover is a good solution for rods and handles that stick out of the table because most covers are too small to fit those handles under.

Picking the Right Material

Most foosball table covers are made from the Naugahyde, Polyester or Vinyl. The same feature of those 3 materials is durability, but they don’t act the same in every situation. Due to that, it is important to keep in mind whether you are looking for a cover for an indoor or outdoor foosball table.

Foosball Table CoversTo keep your outdoor foosball table safe from the rain and other debris, pick the vinyl cover because those are usually waterproof. Also, make sure that the outdoor cover has UV protection because sun rays can destroy the color of the table. If you are looking for an indoor table cover, you can use Naugahyde, which isn’t waterproof, but it looks better. It resembles leather which is much better design than the plastic ones.

When it comes to the price of the foosball table cover, keep in mind that different materials and different sizes will cost differently but picking the right cover will keep your table in the best condition for a long time.

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Best Foosball Table Covers – A Buying Guide
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