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Best Foosball Table Under $500

When it comes to gaming and entertainment we find that we could go way over budget in just snap. I mean there’s an endless list of things we could spend money on just to keep our minds occupied and happy. 

However, nobody wants to go off the budget to get a foosball table. So let’s say you cut your budget to $500 and you want to get yourself the best foosball table out there. We got you. After searching through we got some of the best tables for you. 

The best that your money in that price range can get. Although the best top quality brands you can get when it comes to foosball tables can cost you around $1000 or more these tables will definitely be worth your money and their quality is not one that you would even think to question. 

Now that you know you can obviously get yourself a good table within your range budget why not get the best that you can. Why limit your quality range to low just because you are running on a budget. 

These following foosball tables each have something great to offer that will definitely be a stand around for you. So wait up and just trust that all will be well. Follow through with this guide and get yourself an amazing foosball table that will satisfy every inch if need that you have.

In a Hurry?

Well if you are here then you’re probably tired of having to go through the numerous products that are out there. We chose five of the best products that suit and match special and specific needs while at the same time adhering to certain standards that we know you would appreciate if they were met. So here is the quickest guide to finding your solution. 

Top pick: Hathaway Primo Soccer Table (56″)

Hathaway 56-Inch Primo Foosball Table
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Before you even go further let me introduce you to this amazing foosball table that you will definitely love. It looks the part and definitely plays the part. This foosball table here is one that you will love in your home or bar space because it is made from top-notch quality and can even show. 

The material is not one to disappoint you and just by looking at it, you can tell that it is the perfect table for you. Coming with a weight of 125 pounds you know this table won’t shift or move around even when your match becomes fully aggravated. 

This table will still settle and keep you okay with your match clearly in good hands. The steel rods will last longer and keep the table stable and well they won’t lose shape like other hollow rods out there. Besides all that, the players are counterbalanced. All in all, if you love foosball like if you are a genuine love or an enthusiast, this is definitely the table for you.

Our Reviews of the Best foosball table under $500

56″ Premium Solid Wood Veneer Foosball Soccer

This is actually a really great table and I’m talking about both its features and its functionality. Literally the whole thing is made to look like a top-quality wooden foosball table, that will look great in any room. You will find that it comes in a beautiful dark brown shade with matching legs.

56″ Premium Solid Wood Veneer Foosball Soccer

Their quick and responsive customer service team will be happy to assist if you need a replacement part, and will usually ship out a piece – at no charge – within a day or two.

While your kids are learning how to properly respect the table, you might expect a few dents, dings, scratches, or bent poles. Having the peace of mind that comes with a full warranty FOREVER is worth more than a few bucks in my opinion.

  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • Goalie Configuration: 1
  • Are the men counterweighted? No
  • Ball Return: End

Giving it a full furniture look, it also comes with a pitch that is also the same wood color. 

This table is a mid-range table. Meaning that you will be getting an excellent table, which is far superior to the low-end tables. This can allow you to play some great games and improve your skills. The Foosball players are silver and gold. 

This table is full-sized with approximate dimensions of 56” L x 29” W x 34″H, and a weight of about 120 pounds. This weight means that when you are getting very physical playing a game of Foosball, the table is unlikely to slide around.

Even though it is not a top-quality table. You will not find it to be different from the high-end tables.  Though it may be missing some small features. It may not have counter-balanced men, or the build quality may not be quite as sturdy. 

Each player has four rods with 3 goalies, 2 men on the defensive rod, 5 players on the midfield bar, then finally 3 men on the attacking bar. The table is also supplied with ball return and abacus style scoreboards at each end.


  • Is a beautiful table that will fit in almost any interior 
  • Has leg levers for balance, stability, and support
  • Is a top-quality table


  • The table is quite big and may need a lot of space
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2. Carmelli Dynasty 54-In Foosball Table

The Dynasty 54 Inch Foosball table, is a full-size table, which has a cherry laminate body color, with black legs. The players are black and dark grey in color, with the playing surface being charcoal grey. This full-sized table has a size of approximately 54” L x 27” W x 34” H, and a weight of about 125 pounds. 

 Carmelli Dynasty 54-in Foosball Table
  • Dimensions: 54” L x 27” W x 34” H
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Goalies: 1-3
  • Materials used: 1/2-in chrome-plated, steel rods with E-Z spin bearings

This size and weight mean that the table will definitely need its own storage space or require its own dedicated space or room in your home or where you decide to put it. playing in and keeping the table on when not in use. The size and weight mean it is impracticable to keep moving it in and out of storage all the time. 

The size and weight of the table, of course, means that it is very stable and will not slide all over the place when you are playing.

This table is basically a mid-range table, which means it may not be the best but it is definitely not the worst. In fact, it’s an excellent table that just comes only slowly from the high-end tables. 

You will still be able to play some great games and improve your skills. It may b a great table, but may still be missing some small features, for example, it may not have counter-balanced men, or the build quality may not be quite as sturdy. 

The table uses the standard three-goalie system. Each player has 4 rods that have 3 goalies, 2 men on the defending rod, then 5 men on the midfield bar, and then 3 men on the attacking bar.


  • Comes with a 180-day warranty cover.
  • Is a super strong and durable table
  • Is sturdy and stable and won’t move around when you are playing
  • Has grip sure handles that are not slippery
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Requires personal space seeing as it is a very big table
  • Instruction could be better.
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#3. Hathaway 56-Inch Primo Foosball Table

The Hathaway Primo is a beautiful foosball table that has a faux wood design which gives it a more classic look. It shares the butcher block table design with many higher-end tables. So with it comes the official high-class table look which will definitely spice up the setting in any room you put it in. 

Hathaway 56-Inch Primo Foosball Table

The overall construction of the table is quite solid. The playing surface has cross-support beams underneath it for stability. This should prevent warping over time and help the table remain stable during gameplay.

This table features a single man goalie configuration, levelers on each leg, counterbalanced players, and solid steel rods. The solid steel rods are good for a table at this price and the availability of levelers on each leg is a welcome necessity as it aids in the stability and steadiness of the table. 

Besides its functionality, this table would actually look really great and blend nicely with most home bars or game rooms that share a more traditional look. The players are brown and silver which is a combination you don’t see very often in a foosball table and it gives it a bit of a unique look. 

The single man goalie configuration is actually one that is found in most higher-end tables, especially those from the UK. American set-ups typically include a three-man goalie. Keep in mind though, that you can always remove the two outer goalies if your table starts with three. As for the finishing touches, the table includes four integrated stainless steel cup holders for convenience’s sake.

  • Dimensions: 56.5-in L x 29-in W x 34-in H
  • Weight: 68 lbs
  • Goalies: 1
  • Materials used: Medium density fiberboard
  • Are the men counterweighted? No
  • Can the legs be adjusted with levers? No
  • Playing rods: Chromium steel
  • Ball Return: End
  • Made in: China

The rods are chromium steel, which means even though it’s cheap, they shouldn’t rust easily.

While the warranty is nowhere near as good as Kick, it does still have a 90 day warranty, which is more than I would have expected for any of these smaller kids tables.

It’s fairly thin, but that’s sort of par for the course at this level of table. Just make sure to tell your kids to take it easy and don’t go around bumping into the sides (they’re only 5/8 of an inch thick…compare that to 1 to 1.5 inches of thickness on a quality full sized table).


  • Is a strong and durable table
  • Has a 180-day manufacturer’s warranty
  • Comes at an affordable price 
  • Is a sturdy with leg levers for balance
  • Includes 4 cup holders


  • Comes with a single goalie unlike most table that comes with three
  • There are some uneven spots on the surface

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#4. Harvil 56-Inch Beachcomber Indoor Foosball Table

Coming to mid-range point pricing is this beautiful Harvil Beachcomber foosball table. The construction is quite solid with large solid legs. Again, solid steel rods are expected at this price level so that is certainly not a negative. 

Harvil 56-Inch Beachcomber Indoor Foosball Table

Harvil Beachcomber has a faux wood design but it is much lighter, with almost sand-colored wood design. The playfield is screen-printed with graphics and is also covered with polyresin for maximum resistance to wear and use. 

The players come in blue and grey colors which is a nice touch that makes them not look like kid toys. This table features a three-man goalie configuration, levelers on each leg, counterbalanced players, and solid steel rods. It is a great table if counterbalanced players are not important and if it matches the room that you are planning to put it in.

This table would look great in a more casual game room or home bar. It would also be right at home in a beach house. Covered with polyresin which is good for resisting wear. Unlike most tables this one comes at a reasonable size with an assembled dimensions of 56 x 30 x 34 inches and a weight of 138.85 pounds. 

With this table please make note that the players are not counterbalanced on the Harvil Beachcomber. While not a necessity for beginner or intermediate players, it is a welcome feature for advanced players and those who play 1 on 1 often.

  • Dimensions: 56 x 30 x 34 inches
  • Weight: 138.5 lbs
  • Goalies: 3
  • Materials used: CARB certified MDF
  • Are the men counterweighted? No
  • Can the legs be adjusted with levers? No
  • Ball Return: End
  • Made in: USA


  • Is a beautiful table that comes in a light wood color
  • Can fit in well in a home environment 
  • Is heavy head steady and sturdy while gaming
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty cover


  • The players are not counterbalanced which may be off if you are a professional 
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#5. Atomic Pro Force 56″ Foosball Table

The Pro-Force is definitely one of the best looking foosball tables that you could probably find within a budget of 500. The bamboo laminate and smooth lines help to make it an attractive table in any space be it it’s a game room, a home bar, or anything of that sort.

Atomic Pro Force 56″ Foosball Table

It has MDF construction which makes it quite durable and resistant to wearing down. It has leg levers that allow for a balanced game even on uneven grounds. It comes with four balls and sadly but as normal the scoreboard is manual. Construction is decent, and assembly may turn out to be time-consuming but not difficult as such. 

  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Are the men counterweighted? No
  • Ball Return: End

Once the table is up and running it’s actually a really good table. Plus its looks definitely serve up as compensation for where it’s lacking. However, because of its lightweight and quality, it may not be the best sofa for professional players. However, if you are still learning or you are an intermediate player this table will serve you just fine. 

The FX40 foosball table is the best of the bunch of tabletop games that we found. It’s well priced, well made, and seems to last a long time, even with regular play.


  • Is very affordable
  • Has a nice homely look that will allow it to blend in easily 
  • It a solid table of good quality
  • Customer service is excellent


  • Requires assembly which may be time-consuming
  • Some customers have received mouldy products 
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Buyer’s Guide

What To Look For In A Foosball Table Under $500

Well for a foosball table under $500 you have to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into. Make sure that you are not being cheated on the quality as you can definitely get a great quality table in that price range. A Foosball Table that costs almost $500 should be a quality table but will be missing some of the features of a Professional Table. These are priced at about $1000 – $2000. So what should you look for?

Table Construction

A Table in this price range, you should be expecting solid wood, or quality composite, maybe particleboard. Although it is usually not quite as sturdy and will not last as long. Solid wood is best if you have kids because it is durable and can take on some weight. However, this does add to the price. Both Solid Wood and composite should last you for years, and this should be reflected in the guarantee.

Duration Of Guarantee

Just like any furniture piece out there, if a table is well constructed, and you are spending a lot of your hard-earned money on it, then you should get a good length guarantee with it. Some manufacturers offer lifetime guarantees with their higher-end models, and you may be lucky and find some at this price with a lifetime guarantee. 

Foosball Men

The quality of the foosball men is one of the most important factors when looking for a table in this price range. For the best, you would want counterbalanced men, so they remain in a horizontal position when you take your hands off the rods. 

As for the foot of the players, you want to look for a square shape, with a cross-hatch pattern, slightly curved. This gives greater ball control, allowing you to practice your moves and shots with a higher degree of accuracy. 

Also, you have to check on the quality of your players. Some come as metal, some as wood but the best would be the ABS plastic which is stronger and lasts longer. Plus they are fairly cheap to replace. 

Foosball Ball

Though these are so easy to replace and are inexpensive; it should not be part of the selection criteria. For a quality match, you will obviously need a good quality textured ball. When you order the table you should consider buying some extra good quality balls. 

Even if some great balls are supplied with the table, you are still going to need some replacements for when they get lost because they will definitely get lost. For metal players it is best if you get a metal ball, same way for the wood players you can get a plastic or wooden ball. 

If the density between the ball and the players differs too much you could end up breaking or cracking on either of the two. So it’s best that the players and the ball match. 

Final Thoughts

Well in conclusion, all I can say is that most of the tables above are mid-range quality. They aren’t the best in the market nor are they anywhere close to being the worst. These tables here are of high quality and will definitely last long. 

However they are not of the highest quality, but definitely worth every cent from your budget. So give them a go and trust me you will not be disappointed at all. 

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