Best Foosball Tables Cover Review 2018

Best Foosball Tables Cover Review 2018Foosball Table Cover is one of the many things that you must purchase along with the Foosball Table. It will not only keep the Foosball Table clean but also protect it from the future damage. Currently, there are several brands in the market that make best foosball table cover. We’ll discuss about them in details but before that let’s understand why it’s necessary.


#1 Why You Need Cover for Your Foosball Table?

Foosball Table cover is required to keep the table safe, clean from the dust and residue and for further protection. Usually, foosball table cover doesn’t come with the table itself and that’s the reason people use their home table cover. Table Covers are completely different in size as compared to Foosball Table Cover and they don’t fit.

#2 What to Look in a Best Foosball Tables Cover?

Similarly, there are few other things such as: material, design and dimension that need to be consider while buying one. Let’s get started with each of them in details:

  • Material: A good Foosball Table Cover is the one that is build with high quality material, lightweight, and can be used for a long period of time.
  • Design: Most of the Foosball Table Covers are waterproof, windproof and comes with simple design. Having a waterproof Foosball Table Cover is an assurance of long time safety. Outdoor Foosball Tables Cover does this job very well.
  • Size & Dimension: There is no use of a cover that doesn’t fit right in the size of your Foosball Table. All the dimension and size has to be perfect so that it can cover the whole area.

Let’s take a look at some of the best foosball table cover that fits perfectly fine.

#3 NKTM Foosball Table Cover

It is a standard size Foosball Table Cover comes with the dimension of: 56L x 52W x 15H in black color. With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 it is currently the top rated Foosball Table cover even better than Tornado Foosball Tables Cover.

- $7.50
NKTM Foosball Table Cover Soccer Table Cover Waterproof Table...
3 Reviews
NKTM Foosball Table Cover Soccer Table Cover Waterproof Table...
  • SIZE: 56 x 52 x 15in/142 x 132 x 38cm (L x W x H), fit up to 56L x 30W standard...
  • MATERIAL: Made of 210D polyester fabric. It's lightweight, durable and...
  • ACCESSORIES: High quality buckle straps on 4 corners for better extra stability....

The product is manufactured with polyester material and it offers long term durability. If you’re looking for a Foosball Table Cover that will not just keep the dust free, clean but also protect the table from the damage. NKTM Foosball Table Cover is the right decision for you. However, the only thing you might not like is the color- it is only available in black color.

#4 NEVERLAND Foosball Table Cover

It is polyester made excellent quality Foosball Table Cover. With 4-in-1 protection dust, spills and wind the cover will keep the table safe for a long period.

NEVERLAND Aluminum Composite Cotton Soccer Foosball Billiard...
5 Reviews
NEVERLAND Aluminum Composite Cotton Soccer Foosball Billiard...
  • Foosball Table Cover
  • Size: 160x115x50cm/63"x45.28"x19.69" Approx (LxWxH)
  • Material:Aluminum Composite Cotton, 100% Waterproof & Sun UV Protection

Having a lightweight cover is not enough, a cover has to be at least waterproof and windproof. Then only you can use your Soccer Table outside your home. NEVERLAND Foosball Table Cover is designed to keep all these things in mind; they have made sure that the product is weather resistant (along with dust or spills). Second thing is NEVERLAND can cover the whole table without many efforts. On the other hand, Foosball Table covers like: Tornado Foosball Tables Cover doesn’t come with this much features.

#5 Suzo Happ Foosball Table Cover

With a dimension of 55x by 30x it is universal size product that can be used in most of the Foosball Tables.  You can use this cover in small or large size foosball table without any issue.

Suzo Happ Foosball Soccer Table Dust Cover, Black
22 Reviews
Suzo Happ Foosball Soccer Table Dust Cover, Black
  • Black Universal Foosball Soccer Table Dust Cover
  • Vinyl construction
  • Fits almost any foosball table

Today there is fixed size of Soccer Tables. You can get one in small to large size as per your requirement. This is not a problem until you have only one table at home. However, if you own two Foosball Table you’re most likely to buy a cover that is universal size. The one you can use in both the tables easily. Suzo Happ Foosball Table cover provides you that feature that allows you to use their cover on almost any size of tables.

#6 Universal Foosball Table Cover

This is a universal size Outdoor Foosball Table Cover that can fit in any size of table. The product is designed with high quality material that provides the long term protection from dust. With all the great features this is one of the best foosball tables covers in our list.

It is designed with high quality material, soft and lightweight product. If you have ever used any Foosball Table Cover before you know how painful it is to clean that cover after each use. But that’s not the case with Universal Foosball Table Cover.  You can also use the table outside the home because it is water and weather resistant.

#7 Hathaway Foosball 56″ Table Cover

With a dimension of 56 by 29 it is a standard size foosball table cover that is very helpful to save the table from dust, wind etc.

- $6.08
Hathaway Foosball 56' Table Cover
3 Reviews
Hathaway Foosball 56" Table Cover
  • Protects table from damage and helps keep the surface clean
  • Measures 56-in L x 29-in w x 5-in drop
  • Scalloped edge design for precision fit

Hathaway Foosball Table Cover uses edge designed feature on both sides. It allows you to easily cover the table while having gap between each rod. This makes it easy for you to put the cover whereas other foosball table doesn’t come with this feature.

You will not find it difficult to clean the cover, it’s easy and simple to use.

#8 CoverMates – Foosball Table Cover

A black color Foosball Table Cover that comes with a dimension of: 56x by 52x by 15x inches. This cover can protect the table from dust, water and wind.

CoverMates – Foosball Table Cover – 56W x 52D x 15H –...
23 Reviews
CoverMates – Foosball Table Cover – 56W x 52D x 15H –...
  • WARRANTY: 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • SIZE: Designed to fit up to 56W x 30D standard foosball tables
  • MATERIAL: Made with thick 12-gauge commercial vinyl

The good thing is you get 2 years of warranty with this cover. And you also get 4 buckle straps on each side that gives extra stability to the cover. Whether you’re a beginner or pro with you won’t face any issue with using this cover.

#9 NEVERLAND Heavy Duty 300D Oxford Foosball Table Cover

NEVERLAND Heavy Duty 300D Oxford Foosball Table CoverNEVERLAND Heavy Duty 300D Oxford is a best Foosball Tables covers available in the market that is built with premium quality material.

Waterproof Foosball Table covers are great but weather proof outdoor Foosball Table Covers are awesome. Not because they will keep the table surface clean and provide a total protection from dust, spills etc. Instead they can also be used for long period of time.  NEVERLAND Heavy Duty 300D Oxford is one such example of that cover which is simple to use, easy to clean and can cover the whole dimension of the table without any trouble.

These days Foosball Table with covers is not easily available as most of the manufacture doesn’t make it. The list given above will help you to find out the right Foosball Table cover whether it is: Foosball Tables Cover Waterproof or Hard TOP Foosball Tables Cover.

Best Foosball Tables Cover Review 2018
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