Best Harvard Foosball Table Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Best Harvard Foosball TablesIt’s a generally known fact that Harvard foosball tables are one of the most balanced ones you can buy.

That is in terms of balancing between budget and quality as well as keeping a good balance on the floor you set them on for the stability of performance.

Most of them provide you with enough space for a lot of players to join in the game, and they provide you with good materials -in proportion with their price- that extend their durability.

Without further ado, here are the best Harvard foosball tables.

The 6 Best Harvard Foosball Tables Reviews

1. Harvard Midfielder – The Best Harvard Overall Foosball Table

Harvard Midfielder Foosball Table ReviewThis model of Harvard’s foosball tables is more on the high-end and consequently more expensive side.

The base is made of a huge laminated wood while the surface of the playing field is made of laminated PVC.

This works on providing protection against water, scratches, and any damage that could happen to it generally.

It isn’t in the same league as wood or tempered glass, but it’s still satisfactory.

The rods are made of metal and the steel crossbars and rods are all plated with chrome to prevent corrosion and rust.

The smooth bearings ensure that you have a soft and seamless gaming experience.

While the handles are made of wood and come in an octagonal shape that guarantees a solid grip on them even if your hands get a little sweaty.

They might not perform as fast as hollow ones, but they work well with beginners or amateurs as it can make it easier to control the ball.

The square legs come with leg levelers attached to them so you don’t have to worry about the surface not being straight.

Between the legs of the table is a steel bar that helps keep its balance and stability.

The players are robotic, which means that they return to their original places after you let go of the rod. Although they could be made of a better quality.

Its dimensions are 54.75 x 34.5 x 30.75 inches and it weighs 186 pounds which is sturdy enough for some fast-paced foosball gaming.

The universal appearance of the table makes it fit into any interior without looking out of place.

It also has cup holders, which are a nice touch that keeps you and your friends hydrated as your competitions and tournaments get longer.

There is a wood scoring system that makes it easy to keep track of the scores and keep in mind who’s winning.


  • Sturdiness and stylishness
  • Octagonal wooden handles
  • Three goalie setup
  • Side-ball return
  • Leg-levelers to ensure the straightness of the table


  • May not be the most durable foosball table around
Although it isn’t a foosball table designer for professionals or hardcore foosball players, it’ll work great with friendly challenges and for beginners as well as amateur players.

2. Harvard Black Deca – Best Beginners Harvard Table

Harvard Black Deca Table ReviewAlthough Harvard’s substandard quality is a fact, the Black Deca is one of the better models in that line.

Its mostly black color on the paneling with a silver trim finish give it a classy look and a cool vibe.

It’s made of a sturdy medium density fiberboard and it doesn’t cost a lot, so it’s a great choice for beginners.

The Black Deca’s rods are made of steel and the handles are made octagonal to provide a better grip and hollow to provide a faster-paced game.

It comes with leg levelers that enable you to adjust the straightness of the table for a fairer game.

The players are counterbalanced, which means they will keep your players in their positions when you let the handle go.

This makes it easy to play one on one games without having the 2 rods touch each other. However, their quality could be improved.

The table’s returns are located at each end of it.

Its dimensions are 55 x 29.2 x 34 inches and it weighs 98 pounds. This is pretty light, which makes it a little unsteady.

However, it’s still heavier than to be a kids’ table. We’d say it works best for people who are still not very familiar with foosball.


  • Handles provide a steady grip
  • Block scoring system
  • Levelers help keep the game even
  • Robotic (Counterbalanced) players


  • Might take a lot of time to assemble it by yourself
The Black Deca Foosball table is on the medium-light spectrum when it comes to weight, and its price is in proportion to that as it has a medium-low budget price tag.

It’s a pretty good choice for someone new in the world of foosball tables.

3. Harvard Rematch – An Excellent Harvard Soccer Table

Harvard Rematch Soccer Table ReviewEven though it has an air of a high-quality foosball table because of the sleek black and silver combination, its performance is quite the contrary of high-quality.

The black wooden cabinet walls are laminated and have a matching laminated foosball field surface.

For people who are new with soccer tables and beginner players that are learning the basic rules and strategies of foosball, it’s a very good table.

This is what makes it a good choice for kids, too.

This is further extended by how its dimensions are 55.2 x 28.2 x 33.8 inches and weighs 84.7 pounds, which is quite light.

This suits children but doesn’t make it a very sturdy table.

Unlike most Harvard tables, the Rematch doesn’t have leg levelers, which kind of takes away from its value. The large tapered leg design gives it some stability.

The counterbalanced or robotic players maintain their positions to provide you with an easier game.

You can control them by rods that are plated with chrome to resist rust, but the handles are made of plastic so they aren’t very durable.

However, their ruggedness gives you a better grip on them and guarantees that your hands wouldn’t slip.

Finally, you’ll enjoy the robot style foosball men and the black and silver block scoring system on the Harvard Rematch.


  • Half-inch hollow steel rods that are plated with chrome
  • Silver and black block scoring system
  • End ball returns on either side of the table


  • Doesn’t suit except beginners that are learning the basics
  • Assembly can be a long task
The overall quality of the Harvard Rematch foosball table isn’t that good, but its price is pretty low.

You can consider it as a table for your kids.

However, if older teenagers or younger adults are going to use the table, we’d suggest you get a more durable and sturdy choice.

4. Harvard Goal Getter – A Great Affordable Foosball Table

Harvard Goal Getter Foosball Table ReviewThe Harvard Goal Getter has a PVC laminated field with a soccer field glued on top, which provides you with the smoothest gameplay.

Its wooden look is very nice and gives you wonderful aesthetics, while its pentagonal legs will provide you with steadiness and comfort as they are adjustable.

Its robotic or counterbalanced players keep the same position they were in when you left the rod. It has large laminated aprons to provide you with further stability.

They can be controlled by octagonal plastic (PVC) handles that are designed ergonomically for a better grip.

However, they’re not the best quality because how good can plastic be after all? The rods are made of steel and are hollowed out to deliver a faster performance.

It can’t be said to be the best model in the Harvard line. It’s good for beginners and will suit children as well. Its dimensions are 54 x 26.37 x 34 inches and it weighs 90 pounds.

Its weight is average, just like its durability. It won’t last a whole lifetime but it will provide you with a lot of entertainment for a while.


  • Manual scoring beads
  • Steel rods are hollow
  • Large, laminated aprons
  • Affordable price


  • Doesn’t have leg levelers
  • Can’t handle rough playing
The Harvard Goal Getter table is a good, affordable table. Its performance, weight, and looks are all very suitable for its price, which makes it a great value for the money.

5. Harvard 4-Foot – The Best Value Soccer Table

Harvard 4 Foot ReviewOf all the Harvard line models, the 4-Foot foosball table is the least in both price and quality.
Its legs are made of MDF, while its surface is made of an impact-resistant material that provides the game field with more resistance to scratches.

The L-shaped reinforcing bars that are made of MDF provide the 4-Foot with more stiffness and the side panel acts as a support for more stability, while the half-inch rods that are coated with chrome are anti-rust.

Its handles are made of rubber, which fits perfectly in the player’s palms and enables them to keep a steady and solid grip.

It is painted in 3 colors: Black, white, and red. They look very stylish and will catch the attention of any table football fan.

It enables the players to monitor the progress of the game thanks to the mechanical scores. Its dimensions are 48 x 24 x 32 inches and it weighs 55 pounds, which makes it very lightweight and easily moved around.

However, it also makes it less sturdy and less suitable for the use of adults and more convenient for children or softer playing as its components are not very durable, so they might break if they’re hit too hard or treated with roughness.


  • Highly affordable
  • Fantastic design
  • Compact and small-sized
  • The rubber grips are very ergonomic


  • Very limited durability
  • The handles might bend if used for too long or too aggressively
With an affordable price and an original appearance the Harvard 4-foot can make an excellent gift for someone’s kids -or yours!-.

Its compact size, lightweight, and vivid colors make it a very good choice. It could also be a satisfactory choice for someone with limited space (and a limited budget).

6. Harvard NXG – The Best Harvard Table for Kids 

The NXG foosball table’s design was inspired by the French’s, as is very obvious in its appearance.

The diagonal legs that aren’t found on many foosball tables on the market are the feature that stands out the most.

The cabinet has a wooden design which matches the black legs, however, it’s not at all suitable for playing that is tournament levels.

Its players are counterbalanced (robotic), which makes it easier to stay on top of your game.

They’re controlled by black plastic handles that are designed ergonomically to provide you with the most comfortable and solid grip.

It has a smooth roller rod bearing system that makes the players’ experience seamless. The abacus sliding scores help the players keep progress of their game.

Its dimensions are 31 x 20 x 12 inches which makes it quite compact and makes it more suitable for children’s use.

The side ball returns are better than the ones that are found on the ends of the table as it’s easier to catch a ball that way.


  • Price is all right
  • Comfortable handles
  • Counterbalanced players


  • Not the most durable

With an affordable price and an original appearance the Harvard 4-foot can make an excellent gift for someone’s kids -or yours!-.

Its compact size, lightweight, and vivid colors make it a very good choice. It could also be a satisfactory choice for someone with limited space (and a limited budget).

Which is The Best Harvard Table You can Buy?

The Harvard foosball tables are admittedly not the most high-end tables you can get, and are more suitable for entry-level players, beginners, and amateurs.

This is because their durability is relatively limited, but that also makes them a lot more affordable than other alternatives.

The best choice in terms of quality on this list would be the Harvard Midfielder foosball table, although it might be a little expensive when compared to other options.

A good combination between the reliable performance and affordability of the price would be the Harvard Black Deca foosball table.

While the best value for the money would be the Harvard Goal Getter foosball table.

The 4-Foot and the NXG aren’t bad choices, but they would be more suitable for younger children and wouldn’t withstand a lot of tough or aggressive playing.

On the contrary, if you want a better foosball table with a higher quality and more durability, you should check out the Atomic foosball tables’ line.

This is a line that is produced in parallel by the same company: Escalade Sports.

However, it has more competent tables that will gain your approval if you’re willing to pay a little bit more than you would for the Harvard line’s tables.

Best Harvard Foosball Table Reviews – Buyer’s Guide
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