EA Sports Foosball Table 56″ Review

EA Sports 56" Foosball Table

In this post, we’ll discuss about a prominent indoor game known as Table Football or Foosball. We’ll also talk about the best foosball table available in the market, its features, specification and benefits. The way foosball is becoming popular day by day; the demand of best foosball table is also reaching its

Since there are lots of brands are coming up with their premium level Foosball Table. It’s sometime
difficult for the customer to find the right one for their kids.

EA Sports Foosball Table 56” is the best way to make your place a great entertainment zone for your
friends. Whether you have played it before or not, experience doesn’t matter here, with EA Sports table
– it will totally change your experience of table top games.

With a dimension of 56x 28x 34 this product comes with tons of benefits and features that you can’t
easily get in any other table.

But wait!

Before We start with the advantages-I want you to know that- It’s an exclusive brand that offers chrome
plated metal rods feature with huge discount. On the other hand, TOP Tornado Foosball Tables are
pretty expensive as compare to this one.

EA Sports Foosball Table, 56"

Medal Sports - DROPSHIP - Sports

  • Specifications

  • Total Weight : 114 Pounds
  • No. of hand painted players : 26
  • Table Color : Black and Red
  • Chrome Plated Metal Rods : Yes
  • Ball Colors : Black, Red, Blue and White
  • Discount : Yes
  • Manufactured By : EA Sports Company
  • Sold By : Amazon
  • How many balls it comes with? : 2

So far, we have read all the tiny details of EA Sports Foosball Table but – What makes it the best Football Table?

1. Table Dimension: While purchasing a foosball table it is important to look for the size because a table with very large size will not be better fit for you, especially, if you are a kid or teenager. EA Sports Foosball Table comes with great size and dimension, which perfectly allows you to play the game without any hustle.

Another reason, people consider size as the primary factor for selecting the Foosball table is It can easily be adjusted in small rooms as well.

EA Sports Foosball Table Buying Guide2. Manufactured with Chrome Plated Metal Rods: Chrome plated rods are an essential part to make your game fast and smooth. They also make the table run for a longer period of time. Many brands make the steel rods that are difficult to operate during game which makes the tournament slow as well as unstable. Kids often have this problem because they need a balanced road with a good rubber grip on the handle so that they can easily move around That’s the reason why we have chosen this table as best kids foosball table ever.


3. Top-Notch Quality: You all know that- Quality is one of the most important factors to look for while buying a foosball table. Problem comes- when you don’t really know what makes a foosball table great. Not every brand produces a high quality product that will win your heart. So back to the question, how do you identify it? Below are some points that will help you:

  • If the table is made with a standard quality wood it can be understand as a great product. A table that has used expensive wood will also increase the durability.
  • Sturdy Table: Like I said in above point, table should be made of high quality standard material. This is what makes a table, legs and over all structure sturdiness.

4. A good EA Sports Foosball Table can fit in Your Room: I have already talked about the dimension of the table. But still you may have doubt whether the table can easily be adjusted in your room or not. If you have a room size of at least 8x by 6x feet, there won’t be any issue with keeping the table in that room.

5. Easy to Assemble: Often time’s people don’t Understand- how to assemble the product without any trouble? Even though there are lots of separate parts that come with the unit, still, you won’t find it difficult at all to put together each and every part. An instruction manual is provided with the product from where you can get to know the assemble process.

6. EA Sports Foosball Table is not Heavy Weight: The unit comes with a weight of 92 pounds which is an added advantage. Suppose you want to move the table from one room to another – it will be pretty simple to do that. The product is not as heavy as other table, it doesn’t mean the table is not solid and strong.


Table Football has become one of the top ten indoor sport games. From its established in 19 centaury to now – people consider it a great way of entertainment with your friends, family and relatives. EA Sports  has been in the business of making excellent quality sports items for years. They truly understand the value of their customer which is what makes them top in our list of Best Foosball Tables Buying Guide.

You may have heard the idiom “good things comes in small packages” this is absolutely true. And so is
Every good package has sometime something that you may not like all the time.

You got it right!

Below we will talk about those great advantages of EA Sports Foosball Table and few disadvantages:

EA Sports Foosball Table Review1. Inexpensive: Every tabletop games fan wants to buy his/her own Foosball Table. Some of them can afford it easily and other takes a little more time when they have done their saving. With this unit, you don’t have to worry about that at all. The product only cost you $$$ after the discount of 16% – which is an exclusive offer going on Amazon.

So it’s a great time to grab this amazing deal before they increase the price a little more.


2. Not just for Kids: Whenever you’re going to buy a Football table it’s important to know the type of table you’re buying. Most home based Football tables are designed for kids – but EA Sports Foosball Table is an absolutely fine for kids as well as teenager.

3. Best for both Novice and Pro level Players: Whether you’re new to the game or not- EA Sports Foosball Table works excellent for everyone: kids, teenager or college students. It means you don’t need to upgrade the table every year. ( Unless & until you’re going for professional event or something )

EA Sports Foosball Table, 56'
50 Reviews
EA Sports Foosball Table, 56"
  • Dimensions: 56" L x 28.75" w x 34.5" H
  • Product weight 92 lbs. MDF construction with a PVC laminate finish delivers...
  • 5/8 inch chrome-plated metal rods for increased durability

4. Two Free Balls: Even though you will have to pay to buy the separate box of balls. But they will also give you a set of two free balls with the table.

5. No difficulty in Covering the Table: You must protect the table from wear and tear. There is lots of Best Foosball Tables Cover available in the market. If you’re buying the table to keep it in your home or any other place, you can place a cover on top of that to protect it from dust.

  • EA Sports Foosball Table Disadvantages:

Review of EA Sports Foosball Table1. Even though the assembling process is not difficult at all, you may find the whole process to be time taking. Thing is- the unit comes with tons of parts that need to be assemble together to make the table working. So you may have to spend few hours before you start playing the game. But it will not happen all the time because once you the table is ready to use it can be used as it for as long as you want.

2. There is only one color option. On the other hand, if you look at Foosball Table like Carrom Signature Foosball Table is available in many different colors. But the good thing is- Gameplay is so awesome with EA Sports table that you can avoid the color to a large extent.

Looking at all the amazing features of this table, for a moment; it almost feels like as if you’re already into the game. However, there are few brands available in the market that offers much more functionalities than EA Sports tables. But there price will be five times higher than this one with only few additional features.

EA SPORTS 56" Arcade Foosball Table with LED Lights
  • Awesome LED lights. Clear transparent side aprons. Full accessories included
  • Black and silver chrome-plated players. Metal chrome-plated rods with black hand...
  • Slide easily manual abacus scorer. Sturdy L style legs.
  • Who is this product for?

In this- EA Sports Foosball Table Review, we have covered each and every point that a first time or intermediate buyer should always know before making a purchase. However, it’s also important to know that – This foosball table is not designed for a tournament level games – this is more like home purpose for the kids and teenagers specifically.

EA Sports has been the sports industry for many decades. They have perfected the art of building great sports equipment- Foosball Table is one of them.

If you’re looking for one such product that give you lots of entertainment, happiness and togetherness,
then it is a right choice for you.

EA Sports Foosball Table 56″ Review
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