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Foosball Bank Shot Tips – How To Bank It Off The Wall

The bank shot is actually considered to be a fairly powerful shot, especially when you are playing on the type of tables that allow you to execute it pretty easily.

It involves making the ball bounce off the walls of the table to score a goal.

Foosball Bank Shot Tips

It’s usually executed from the defensive of the table, as the defensive side allows setting it up better without giving it away to your opponent.

Taking a bank shot from the offensive side of the table may make your opponent aware of your plan and hence it may not turn out to be very effective….not to mention the angles have to be incredibly tight to make it work.

Setting up the Bank Shot

The bank shot, despite being quite a powerful foosball shot, is a relatively easy one, but only if you are playing on foosball tables that help you execute the shot better. The difficulty level of a bank shot is Novice, 2 out of 5 foosballs.

Coming to setting up a bank shot, as mentioned above, it’s recommended to take it from the defensive side. It’s a nice trick to have up your sleeve to take some of the pressure off of your 5 and 3 man bars, and keep your opponent on his toes no matter where you have control of the ball on the table.

While taking the bank shot, you need to aim to hit the wall of the table in the middle, regardless of the side you choose.

However, one of the biggest downside to the bank shot is that it’s easy to predict, even if you are taking it from the defensive side of the table.

In order to prevent the opponent from getting wind of the shot, you should get into the ideal position very quickly and take the shot. This won’t leave your opponent with enough time to predict and defend it.

However, this would require quite a bit of practice.

In the end, it’s all about angles and quickness.

Practice by yourself as much as possible, just like with any foosball strategy or technique. Literally the only way you’ll learn is if you do it.

However, it can also help to watch a video to help you start practicing, so check this out and follow along as you put in the hours on your own table:

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