Foosball Rules – Foosball Tournament Rules

Foosball is similar to field soccer with the only difference that it is played on a specialized table. In this game, the players have to rotate protruding rods fixed on the table. The player figures are attached to the rods inside that help the players to either attack or defend the goal. Foosball is usually played for fun, indoors. However, in the last few years, many people have taken it as a professional sport and participate in competitions across the world. It is very easy to play and difficult to master, which is the reason so many people like to play it professionally.

Foosball Rules


  • Rules

Every game or sport has certain rules and regulations that have to be followed if a player has to play professionally. Let’s see the important rules in a Foosball game that every player should know before he/ she start to play professionally.

  • Starting the Game

Foosball game is started by serving or putting a ball into the service hole in the middle of table’s side wall. But before starting a game, a coin is flipped to decide who will “serve” the ball and start the game. After a player scores the goal, the next ball is served by the opponent to keep it fair. The server can also spin the ball to influence its entry so that ball always goes towards the server’s side.

  • No Spinning

The most basic and important rule of Foosball is that Spinning is illegal and strictly not allowed. A spinning occurs when any of the player- figures complete 360-degree rotation before or after striking the ball.

  • Dead Balls

It is a dead ball when the ball stops in the middle of the game and cannot be reached by any of the player figures. When it happens, the player has to reach into the field of play and has to pick up the ball. It is re- served by the same player who had served for that game. However, if dead ball occurs between two defensive bars, the defensive player has to bring the ball into the playing position. Except for the dead ball situation, it is illegal to reach into the playing field at any time.

  • Out of Play

If a ball jumps out of the play area, hit the top rail and comes back to the play area, it is considered to be out of play and the player has to serve again to continue the game. Also, jarring and lifting the table are not allowed at any time during the game.

  • Scoring

The main objective of the game is to defend your goal and target opponent’s goal to score a maximum number of goals. A player scores if he/ she strikes and the ball enter opponent’s goal. Even if the ball comes back to the playing field after it enters the goal, it is considered as a goal. And, if the player kicks the ball into his/ her own goal, the point is awarded to the opponent. No points if the ball goes straight to the goal from the service.

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