The 5 Best Foosball Video Games on the Market

It’s been almost a hundred years since Harold Searles Thornton, a Tottenham Football Club supporter, first introduced the game of foosball.

Over the years, the game has enjoyed a storied history, through the 1970s, when winners in tournaments could go home with a brand new Porsche to the 1980s when tournaments offered a million dollars in prizes (Source).

In recent times digital versions of foosball — foosball video games — have increasingly become popular, as can be seen from the number of apps available on both Google Play and the App Store. We took some time to identify five of the best foosball video games on the market today.

Foosball Cup World – Our Top Pick

The Best Foosball Games

To select the best foosball games in the market, we identified the highest-selling digital games on app stores. We have also looked at the reviews by users. Consequently, we settled on the following five games. 

RankNameAverage ReviewNumber of ReviewsPricePlatforms
1Foosball Cup World4.2/535,641Free, Ads, In-App PurchasesAndroid, iOS
2Foosball Cup4.1/513,725Free, Ads, In-App PurchasesAndroid, iOS
3Foosball4/51,348Free, AdsAndroid
4Table Football, Soccer 3D3.9/559,407Free, Ads, In-App PurchasesAndroid, iOS
5Foosball Classic3.6/52,050Free, AdsAndroid

Source of Reviews: Google Play Store

1. Foosball Cup World

Developed by Ludus Studio, the Foosball Cup World is an advanced version of the game Foosball Cup (reviewed below). Players of this video game have a choice of playing in challenges, tournaments, or the world league. They can also fight for a place in the national teams of their countries. The game comes with 51 national teams.  

With a rating of 4.2/5, most reviewers liked the game. Additionally, the game has been installed on more than a 2.9 MILLION devices. The game was last updated in 2016, perhaps the reason why some players think that several things now need to be improved.

Reviews by Foosball Cup World players often include complaints about the controls. For example, one reviewer notes that the way the pause button is located interferes with play when the ball is with the forward. Another player complains there is no friction between the ball and the pin, making snake shots impossible (Source).

Regardless, this is easily the best foosball video game for those looking to get a quick fix when they’re away from their table. 

2. Foosball Cup

With over 11,000 reviews on Google play and a star rating of 4.1/5, Foosball Cup is one of the most popular digital foosball games. The developers of this game claim that the game has realistic 3D HD graphics, varying difficulty settings, and highly responsive controls. Players have access to a variety of international teams. 

Some reviews of the game suggest that it’s a hard game to master. The best review indicates that the game seems “like you have a soccer table right in front of you.” One of the main reasons why many reviewers like this game is its good command reaction, which they say makes them feel as if they were playing the game on a physical foosball table. 

Other reviewers are unforgiving, noting that the video game’s “controls are backward (and) the people are too light.” This leads to players like the goalie flipping over too easily and letting in goals that would otherwise have been stopped. Another user also complains that the game is confusing, a situation that leads the players to end up scoring own-goals. Hence, they suggest that a tutorial may be useful (Source). 

3. Foosball

Known merely as Foosball, this video game has over 1200 reviews and a rating of 4/5 on Google Play. The developers of this game claim that it comes with “dynamic camera effects, 3D graphics, four levels of difficulty, color selection for players, an adjustable time limit and the number of goals to win the game,” among other features. Foosball also has a slow-motion bonus mode, which enables the player to steer the ball by tilting their device (Source). 

The game has been installed over 100,000 times, with its last update being in 2015.  The good reviews note that this game is excellent for novice players and that the graphics are great. 

On the other hand, reviewers who are not impressed with the game indicate that downloading the game can be a considerable challenge. Others note that the controls need to be improved as they make even “normal” mode seem like a more challenging level. There are also several complaints that the game has too many advertisements that distract attention (Source).  

4. Table Football, Soccer 3D

Table Football, Soccer 3D, allows the gamer to create a team by selecting the players’ uniforms and giving the team a name of their choice. Unlike the other foosball video games we feature above, this one is not an online game. Players have to face each other across a tablet or smart phone (Source).  

On Google Play, the game has a rating of 3.9/5. Positive reviews for this game are mostly impressed with its tournaments. Others note that it is addictive and simple to play.

The leading complaint about the game is with regards to the controls. Players note that when they try to shoot, the ball does not go in the direction they want it to go. Also, reviewers complain that after every goal, there is an advertisement (Source).  

5. Foosball Classic 

According to the developers of Foosball Classic, the main features you can expect from the game include “Real 3D graphics and physics; 2 Players Mode on the same device; and 2 view cameras to choose: close up following the ball or aerial shot panning.” 

The game has a rating of 3.6/5 and has been installed over 100,000 times. The gamers who love this video game recommend its good controls. They also like the graphics.

On the other hand, some reviewers complain that the players sometimes freeze and do not respond to commands. Other players complain about a bug that makes the goalkeeper start spinning uncontrollably while the other players remain stationary (Source). 

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