Garlando G-5000 Foosball Table Review

Garlando G-5000 Foosball Table ReviewThis amazing, durable, expensive, safe Garlando G-500 table is mainly made for teenagers, adults and intermediate players.

It’s really sustainable and of high quality to last. And in case something does break, you always have a three-year warranty, while others of lower quality often come with a 90-day warranty.

Garlando G-5000 Foosball Table Review


The Garlando G-5000 Foosball table’s length is 56 inches, its width is 30 inches, and its height is 35 inches. It weighs 165 pounds, which makes quite light relative to the average 200-pound table.


We can judge the quality of the tables from their thickness.

So let me tell you that the tables of low quality tend to be less than half an inch thick but this table is 1-inch thick which provides sturdiness, durability and also safety so obviously, it is more expensive than others of lower quality.

The ball-bearing is encased in nylon and the legs are covered with washable powder varnish for greater protection.


It has coldly drawn steel rods that are the best you can get as they are strong, straight and plated with five microns of anti-rust chromium for greater durability.

They’re also made in a telescope-like shape in order not to come out on the other side, which provides safety.

It’s provided with angled corners and panels on the side to keep the ball moving, and the wood handles reduce sweating. Though it doesn’t have a vital feature and that is the counterbalanced players.


This table has a butcher-block light wood cabinet which gives it a traditional look and fits the black legs well.

The red and blue players really don’t match but black and ivory would go better with the rest of the table.

There is a green tempered glass surface that looks great but the white corners stand out so much which takes away from the great appearance and aesthetics.


So far, all the reviews are positive due to the durability and safety for kids.

Although it lacks leveling adjustment and lacking counterbalanced players so the players don’t stay in the same position that you last left them. It still has an attractive design and finally it’s worth the money.

It’s true that you can find a variety of tables in the market but if you are searching for a long term, safe, bearing and durable foosball table, you should consider choosing the Garlando G-5000 soccer foosball table.

Garlando G-5000 Foosball Table Review
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