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TOP Tornado Foosball Tables Review

TOP Tornado Foosball Tables Review

Tornado Foosball Tables are the best of the best, no question about it.

It’s just…they’re really expensive.

But, if you just want the best, regardless of cost, you can’t go wrong with any of their models, especially the Tournament 3000.

Who Makes Tornado Game Tables?

Tornado tables have been manufactured by Valley-Dynamo since 1999. Valley-Dynamo is a leader in coin operated and home table games. They are located in Richland Hills, Texas.

What Makes a Tornado Table Special?

This high-grade foosball table has qualities not found in other game tables. It offers the best materials in its construction for durability and makes the game an enjoyable experience for all foosball enthusiasts. Other benefits of the Tornado are:

  • Made in the USA
  • Unique cabinet structure that provides stability and strength
  • Fast-paced playing surface that is warp-free to always provide an interesting game
  • Built to last for a long time to save replacement costs and provide family fun for several years
  • Friction-grip handles provide maximum control of the rods
  • Hollow rods for lighter weight, smoother action and quicker response
  • Incredible thickness of wood and durability
  • Tournament-approved tables
  • Most popular professional table in the US

Tornado Foosball Table Reviews

The Tornado Foosball Tables has several excellent models that we’ve reviewed….all of which have ended up in our top 15 best overall foosball tables.

That’s by far the most out of any brand, and it’s no wonder, when they’re so damn good.

Check out our best foosball tables page here to see all of our reviews, including the Tornados, or click the links below to see a specific page.

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