TOP Tornado Foosball Tables Review

TOP Tornado Foosball Tables Review

The Tornado Foosball Tables offers the professionalism needed in a tournament level Foosball Table for the home. As foosball becomes more and more popular all over the world, enthusiasts demand the best possible table for families.

At one time, the foosball table was only available in public places such as bars or recreation centers. The size alone made it difficult to enjoy one at home. However, with the increase of games rooms in the home, a foosball table has become the top request of kids and adults across the world.

  • What is Foosball?

Foosball is a table soccer game played by two or four players. The object of the game is to move the soccer ball to the goal with foosmen attached to rods that turn and move forward and backward. Foosball has grown to include tournaments played all over the world.

Foosball is a game of quickness and skill. It is a family favorite because kids and adults can play with ease. Kids can play against adults with a good chance of winning since the size of a player doesn’t really matter. Foosball is pure fun.

  • Who Makes Tornado Game Tables?

Tornado tables have been manufactured by Valley-Dynamo since 1999. Valley-Dynamo is a leader in coin operated and home table games. They are located in Richland Hills, Texas.

  • What Makes a Tornado Table Special?

This high-grade foosball table has qualities not found in other game tables. It offers the best materials in its construction for durability and makes the game an enjoyable experience for all foosball enthusiasts. Other benefits of the Tornado are:

  • Unique cabinet structure that provides stability and strength
  • Fast-paced playing surface that is warp-free to always provide a interesting game
  • Built to last for a long time to save replacement costs and provide family fun for several years
  • Friction-grip handles provide maximum control of the rods
  • Hollow rods for lighter weight, smoother action and quicker response
  • Tornado Fossball Tables Review

Tornado has a family of four foosball tables that are the standard to which other tables in the industry aspire. Here are just a few of their special features.

Tournament 3000 has improved its Tornado men with sharper corners and more cross section for better control of the ball. An exclusive feature of Tornado is its color-keyed, interchangeable handles.

Elite is the professional table you’ll want for your home. Its eye-catching Victorian Cherry laminate covers a 1.5 inch thick cabinet with dual ball returns and heavy rods with natural solid wood handles.

Classic is stunning with its black leather laminate over a 1.5 inch thick cabinet with heavy duty down corners to make it rigid enough to withstand heavy play.

Sport is suitable for beginners and the more experienced player. It is a family-oriented foosball table with height-adjustable legs and levelers, dual end ball returns and SureGrip handles.

The Tornado Foosball Tables has several excellent models including the Tornado Whirlwind foosball table, Tornado cyclone ii foosball table, Tornado foosball foosbal table, storm ii, elite, sport, twister, tournament 3000 and f-5 tables.

The superior quality of the Tornado Foosball Tables is an investment in your family’s time together. It comfortably accommodates four players, provides a strong table that withstands the rough play of men and boys and gives the ultimate experience in foosball fun.

TOP Tornado Foosball Tables Review
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