Tornado Classic Foosball Table Review

Tornado Classic Foosball TableSoccer is perhaps the only game that has a worldwide appeal – be it for playing or viewing.
Therefore, it is but natural that this game metamorphosed into the indoor game we all love-
foosball. There are few indoor games that are enjoyed world wide or have appeal among all
cross sections of society other than the game of foosball. This has universal appeal due to
the fact that it is fast paced, it mimics the actual game on the field and gets the adrenaline
pumping as well as the heart racing. Foosball is a great way to de-stress as well as enjoy
time out and get a little exercise in the bargain too. There are no disadvantages to playing foosball at all. In fact when you play foosball, it helps you socially, physically as well as emotionally.

In fact, thanks to the popularity of foosball, there are so many companies that vie with each other to make the Best Foosball Tables. People that want to buy foosball tables are literally at their wits end with the number of options which are placed before them and so have to often make their choice based on Foosball Tables Review which they read. There too it is confusing as some claim one is the Best Foosball Tables Brand while another Review of Best Foosball Tables could claim something entirely different.

Well, if you are a person that is confused about which foosball table to buy, here is a first hand review on the Tornado Classic Foosball Table. This review is to help new buyers with buying one of the Best Foosball Tables that is available in today’s day and age. The Tornado Classic Foosball table is a replacement of the Storm II table which was available earlier. When you conduct a Review of Best Foosball Tables you will see that this table has whatever you would look for when you consider quality of parts.

  • Features:

  • Make and Look

The Tornado Classic Foosball Table is among the Best Foosball Tables as it is made with heavy duty construction and at the same time it is given a very contemporary look.

  • Handles and rods

The handles are made of wood and are easy on the play experience when it comes to the grip. The chrome plated rods are attractive to look at and they also do not get tarnished or lose their shine. These are light and allow for quick movements. At the same time, they resist warping.

Tornado Classic Foosball Table

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  • Surface

The surface of the Tornado Classic Foosball Table is solid and it is leveled as well. Therefore, it allows for fast shots to be played.

  • Players

The foosball men are counterbalanced and so it is easy when there are just two individuals playing against each other. The men can also be placed horizontally and so there is no fear of these men either falling down or posing as obstacles when playing a game.

  • Levelling

Tornado Classic Foosball Table ReviewThe table is leveled and there are even leg levers which are adjustable and are easy to adjust. There is an updated model as well. This allows for the player foot to be redesigned so that the control over the ball is much better and more precise. There is also cross hatching which is higher and there are also the sides which are square in shape. Due to the fact that the inner bearing is thinner, the ball does not pass between the player and the wall.

  • Cabinet and finish

The cabinet is 1 ½ inch thick and it has a laminate finish. The logo too is three colored and is ¾ inch in size laminated as well. The construction of the down corners allow for greater durability as well as for added rigidity.

  • Pros

  • The steel rods are .126 inch thick and these are made of rugged steel and so they do not warp or bend even when the players play roughly.
  • When individuals are playing the game solo, it is easier to retrieve the ball due to the return of the single side ball.
  • The ball does not pass between the wall and the player due to the new inner and thinner bearing design.
  • The foosballs are made of patented designs and made of urethane. These prevent chipping and nicking. These also roll better.
Tornado Classic Foosball Table
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Tornado Classic Foosball Table
  • Black Leather laminate finish on a 1 1/2" thick cabinet
  • Adjustable commercial-grade leg levelers
  • Natural solid wood handles
  • Cons

  • It comes in a 3-man goalie style so if players are insistent on a one goalie style this is not an ideal foosball table for them.
  • The table is not lightweight as it weighs 225 pounds and it is hard to move around the room or to different places as it requires at least 2 or more people to carry the table.
  • This foosball table is 56 inches long and 30 inches wide as well as 36 inches tall and so if one is short on space, they should think twice before going in for a foosball table in the first place.

Tornado Classic Foosball Table Review

  • Our Review

There were many considered by us for the title of the Best Foosball Tables however, based on this Foosball Tables Review we are sure that you will agree that this fits the category of the Best Foosball Tables Brand available in the market today. The Review of Best Foosball Tables are based on quality of materials used, the quality of play that can be had on these tables as well as durability and reliability. In all these categories the Tornado Classic Foosball Table more than fits the bill. Therefore, there is no shadow of doubt that this is the clear winner if you want to purchase a foosball table.

The wide popularity of the table among foosball enthusiasts around the world is another great ‘pro’ that shows the Tornado Classic Foosball Table offers a complete and thrilling game experience. Whether you are a beginner or an ace foosball player, if you are someone who prefers and enjoys the 3-man goalie style of foosball then this will be your best buy!

Tornado Classic Foosball Table Review
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