Tornado Elite Foosball Table Review

Tornado Elite Foosball Table ReviewFoosball tables are amazing doorways to a world full of fun and entertainment. They provide you with a great challenge and a competitive game with your friends, so it’s a great means to pass time.

They can also be used professionally such as in Foosball tournaments. So, in what ways can you use your Tornado Elite Foosball table and what makes it such a good buy?

The Review of Tornado Elite Foosball Table


The Tornado foosball table’s surface has a green color with black and yellow players. The Mahogany Melamine finish adds to its elegant and attractive appearance. For a more professional look, the boots are covered by leg levelers, and the legs are height-adjustable for added convenience. It’s a sturdy table that fits and goes with any game room.


The Tornado foosball table is made with a premium build quality, which can even fit tournament levels. The cabinet is 1-inch thick MDF wood that gives it a sturdy and durable performance. Since it’s an American product, it has higher quality than models coming from China.

Its MDF is the kind usually used with all tables, but the ones that fall in its price range are a higher grade material. It comes with a year’s warranty which can be an indicator that it will last with you for a long time, and you can rely on its longevity.


The Tornado foosball table is 56 inches in length, 30 inches in width, and 36 inches in height. It weighs around 200 pounds. So it’s not the most portable but it can easily be moved by 2 people.


When you’re playing on the Tornado foosball table, you don’t have to worry about it swaying or budging as its heavyweight and sturdiness keep it grounded well.

The boots covering the legs with the shims that can be placed inside of them ensure its stability, so you get an even surface on both playing sides and you can get as vigorous as you want without worrying about compromising the table’s stance.

The Tornado Elite provides you with both qualities you might look for in a table: an even playing surface and steadiness on the ground.

The gaming steel rods are made hollow to be lighter and thereby give you faster gameplay. This bodes well for experienced foosball enthusiasts.

It has SureGrip black plastic handles to ensure that your hands don’t slip during critical moments in the game, and so add to the efficiency of the table.

A downside to the Tornado Elite table is that its players are not counterbalanced. This means you can’t rely on the players staying in the same position you leave them, which reduces the smoothness of gameplay.

Another downside is that it comes with ball returns on the ends only, which doesn’t make retrieving the ball any more convenient.

No other foosball table compares to the Tornado Elite when you compare in terms of price. It can be used by all age groups as well as beginners and intermediate players.

It can handle aggressive playing but isn’t too complicated for a beginner to deal with.

Tornado is a very reputable company, so even if you break off a leg on your table, you won’t find a hard time finding replacement parts because Tornado has you backed up on that point.

So to conclude all of the above, the Tornado Elite foosball table perfectly combines the affordability of price and the reliability of performance.

It would be a great addition to your game room, and it’s one of the highest quality recreational play tables on the market for the meantime.

Tornado Elite Foosball Table Review
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